‘Inside Outside’ Private View

tumblr_nx4ixpiUNm1tr40ewo4_1280Last night Edgar Modern proudly presented the eagerly anticipated inaugural solo exhibition from David Harkins. A year in the making, since David won our 2014 Tribe Prize, Inside Outside showcases the artists new collection of paintings in acrylic.

Interested in psychological themes and abstract visualisations of states of mind, Harkins’ work examines questions of identity, the nature of relationships and ideas surrounding the home. His recurring solitary figures, which David describes as akin to jigsaw pieces, suggest both the conscious and unconscious, the complete and the incomplete, amusement and bemusement at their reflections upon life.


The Private View was buzzing with excitement around David’s work as we were joined by both clients of the gallery and personal friends of the artist for a drink and to celebrate the new collection. Over a glass of whiskey or wine, conversation flowed around the abstract forms, vibrant colours and mysterious figures appearing throughout ‘Inside Outside’.

Several of the works had sold prior to the opening, both at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea and here in the gallery, to clients who discovered a profound connection to the intimate and psychological pieces. There are, however, still plenty of pieces waiting to find a new home.

The full catalogue of the collection can be viewed here. The exhibition continues in our Bath gallery until November 14.


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