Roxana Halls at the Discerning Eye November 12th-22nd.


Cover I (top) and Cover IV at this year’s Discerning Eye exhibition.

Congratulations to Edgar Modern artist Roxana Halls, who will be showing her work at this year’s Discerning Eye by invitation of Steve Pill, art critic and editor of Artists & Illustrators magazine.  This is the second time Roxana has been invited to show at the annual exhibition, held in the Mall Galleries in London and open until November 22nd 2015.

The Discerning Eye is a show of small scale works, selected independently by six prominent figures from the art world. Roxana’s pieces ‘Cover I’ and ‘Cover IV’ are part of a small and vibrant new series in which the artist continues painting bold and disarming female figures.

One of the most recent artists to gain representation by Edgar Modern, Roxana Halls is definitely one to watch in 2016! A largely self-taught artist, Halls has, for several years, made her studio in the disused bar of a 1930s London theatre.

She is currently writing an article for the upcoming Storytelling issue of Artists & Illustrators magazine, in shops on January 1st 2016. In this piece she will discuss the underlying themes in her work, her artistic process and how she approaches narrative in her paintings.

In February of 2016 Roxana will be taking part 12@Menier, an exciting 12 woman exhibition at the Menier Gallery in London, as well as teaching a narrative painting masterclass in Brighton.

She also continues to work on the Appetite/Laughing Women theme. Her wonderfully lively and captivating piece ‘Laughing While Eating Strawberries’ really caught the imagination of visitors to our Summer Exhibition earlier this year.


‘Laughing While Eating Strawberries’, oil on linen, 75 x 75cms, 2015


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