Heath Hearn – Hypnagogic | In These Colours We Dream, notes on the exhibition

2002-01-01 00.00.46Hypnagogic | In These Colours We Dream, the new solo show from Heath Hearn opened at Edgar Modern last Saturday with an evening private view. This new body of work uses colour and shape to explore the hallucinations and dream-state that exist between conscious and unconscious.

The show is split into two distinct collections, with ‘Hypnagogic’ representing the darker aspects of hallucinatory dreaming and ‘In These Colours We Dream’ showcasing the joyful and ephemeral nature of the dream world.

2002-01-01 00.01.22

Hearn invites the audience to join him on this journey through sleep and wakefulness by providing intimate glimpses into his own mind. Since childhood, the artist has experienced hypnagogia – episodes of hallucinatory dreams as one begins to fall asleep. Thus, this exhibition is highly personal and insightful of Hearn’s unconscious world.

Describing the tone of the exhibition, Heath stated: “I would like to think the viewer would feel as if they are standing within a dream or in the middle of a sequence of dreams, not unlike having a very good LSD trip. It is a vivid and jubilant projection of images from the subconscious mind.”

'In every dream home, a heartache' Oil on canvas 85cm x 140cm £6000

‘In Every Dream Home, A Heartache.’

Visitors to the gallery this week have been drawn in by the bold use of colour and abstract forms. The show-stopping ‘In Every Dream Home, a Heartache’ was the director’s pick of the collection and sold yesterday to a delighted buyer.

Hypnagogic | In These Colours We Dream is on display in our gallery in Bath until December 6th. Stop in to see this exciting collection before it disappears! If you have any questions or comments please get in touch via enquiries@edgarmodern.com / 01225 443 746.


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